LOVE your creativity in FLORENCE, ITALY

Have you ever wanted to experience the incredible city of Florence more deeply than a couple of days as a tourist?

You can! The magic of Florence can lift your spirits and inspire you to shine in your unique way…. she has a very long history of nurturing creative genius!

Unwind, Italian style…

Delight your heart and soul 

Relax, reconnect with & replenish your creative Self

Enrich your imagination and express your creativity

 Be open to inspiration as you discover more about the curiosity, imagination and playfulness of your Artist Within.


Sense doors open in your mind as you learn some of the language, see masterpieces on a daily basis, enjoy delicious cuisine and the freedom of being a creative student in this extraordinary city.

I will meet you at school before you start your beginners’  Italian during the first week. You’ll also experience a bonus 2-hour one-to-one coaching session with me, so you can prepare to experience freedom of expression.

During the second week, our daily hands-on meditative art sessions happen each afternoon 2 – 6pm so you can beat the crowds in the morning to do your exploring, or sleep in and do leisurely coffee with Dolci Toscani (sweet pastries from the Tuscan region).

Meet and replenish your Artist Within with the riches of Florence, teachings and practice and find out you’re far more creative than you thought!

Complete beginners and experienced artists have participated in this new course: “Replenish your Artist Within”, also known as “Make your Sacred Art” presented in Daylesford and Canberra this year. Not religious, but spiritual, since, as Matthew Fox writes:

“Creativity is where the divine and human meet.”

Respectful of the tenderness of the Creative Self, the processes are gently guided and rewarding. I teach my Nurturing Creativity Method to provide a framework to continue nurturing your Artist Within.

This Florentine experience is inspired by the mind-expanding combination of art+language I experienced when I first visited Florence 30 years ago!

A visitor to Florence several times, I’ve studied there on three occasions for a month or more each time. I share my favourite places with you, including the magnificent frescoes by Beate Angelico which I wrote about for my doctorate on the painting of light.

Arrive 5th – Depart on the 18th April

OPTION 1 LANGUAGE+ART+COACHING+MUSEUMS: Both Week 1 Italian language course and Week 2 “Replenish your Artist Within” meditative art course with bonus coaching. Includes a before opening hours tour of the Uffizi and a visit to Museo San Marco with Suzanne. For this option, accommodation can be arranged through the language school arriving on the 5th – departing on the 18th April.

OPTION 2 ART+MUSEUMS: Week 2 “Replenish your Artist Within” meditative art course,  5 sessions/20 hours in the centre of Florence, including a before opening hours tour of the Uffizi and a visit to Museo San Marco with Suzanne.




Upstream of the Arno River, beyond the famous silhouette of Il Ponte Vecchio – the old bridge – the sun appears to sink into a haze of rose and violet. Mesmerised by the light on the water, you might lean against a cool stone wall enjoying the warm glow on your cheeks and delicious gelato from a nearby gelateria…



The walk through the old city takes us over time-worn cobblestones and beside ancient slabs of marble. Leonardo da Vinci, Fra Angelico, Michelangelo, Raphael, Dante, Verdi, Botticelli and many other illuminati, walked this way through the heart of Florence.

Sip a glass of Chianti while watching the effects of rosy light on red rooftops gently sloping down to the Arno and beyond to Brunelleschi’s famous dome of cathedral  Santa Maria del Fiore – Mary of the Flowers.

Worries melt away in myriad sensual offerings – the scent of traditional perfumeries and herbalists (erboristorie), cafes, rustic markets and elegant shop windows…all backgrounded by the gravitas of grand architecture and many masterpieces.

Join me, Dr Suzanne Moss, for this unique small group experience that includes one-to-one creativity coaching to clear self-doubt or creative blocks, soothing meditative art workshops creating your kind of beauty, language classes for beginners, guided visits to the incredible Uffizi and Museo San Marco.

Images are from our retreat in 2016.



Enjoy the ease, richness, mind-opening, inspiring discoveries of Florence and of yourself in this small group course in an extraordinary location.

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