Discover insights about your own creative genius in Florence, Italy

Have you ever wanted an immersive experience in the wonders of Florence, staying in a beautiful room of your own in a restored palace… seeing masterpieces on a daily basis, enjoying the food & wine and being a creative student in your own life?!

Yes, you can!

Open doors into the culture as you learn beginners’  Italian in a nearby school in the old part of town during weekday mornings. Participate in six afternoon/evening workshops, exploring your unique creative expression using elegant, researched methods. The experiential nature of the workshops are designed for you to find out your gifts are far more than you thought. Saturday mornings, Suzanne will share her favourite places with you, take you to lunch and then you’re free to discover the old city. There is SO much to see in this extraordinary city! A half day of one-to-one coaching will help clear any blocks to your creative expression so you can get the most out of the retreat.

From feeling lacklustre and uninspired, in Florence you can step away from living old habits and repeating patterns that are not giving you what you want.

Unwind and resonate with the creative vibe here

Reconnect with the vitality of your curiosity

Enrich your imagination and give expression to your creativity – 

nourishing yourself and gaining a stronger sense of your unique purpose.


Upstream of the Arno River, beyond the famous silhouette of Il Ponte Vecchio – the old bridge – the sun appears to sink into a haze of rose and violet. Mesmerised by the light on the water, you might lean against a cool stone wall enjoying the warm glow on your cheeks and delicious gelato from a nearby gelateria…

The walk to our apartment takes you across time-worn cobblestones and ancient marble. Leonardo da Vinci, Fra Angelico, Michelangelo, Raphael, Dante, Botticelli among many illuminati, walked this way through the heart of Florence.

Sip a glass of Chianti while watching the effects of rosy light on red rooftops gently sloping down to the Arno and beyond to Brunelleschi’s famous dome of cathedral  Santa Maria del Fiore – Mary of the Flowers.

Worries melt away in myriad sensual offerings – the scent of traditional perfumeries and herbalists (erboristorie), cafes, rustic markets and elegant shop windows…all backgrounded by the gravitas of grand architecture and many masterpieces.

Relax and revel in the richness of being in Florence; your life will be transformed.

Join Dr Suzanne Moss for this very special 15 night small group retreat that includes one-to-one coaching, 6 workshops, at least 3 guided sessions and a beautiful place to call home.

The next retreat is in April 2019, dates to be confirmed.


WELCOME to finding out about the opportunity of a life-time! We’ll enjoy the ease, richness, mind-opening, inspiring discoveries of Florence and of yourself in this very small group retreat.

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